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Legal Services

Family LawInsurance LawIndustrial & Employment LawCommercial & Business LawConveyance & Property LawCriminal LawElectoral LawImmigration LawInternational Criminal Law

 Family Law

  • Filing, defending and negotiating children’s matters
  • Succession matters
  • Filing and defending divorce causes, separation and maintenance causes
  • Filing and defending proceedings in division of matrimonial property
  • Preparation of wills

 Insurance Law

  • Defending insurance companies in claims for compensation in respect of industrial (work injury) claims and road traffic  accidents
  • Negotiating settlements out of court, prosecuting and defending recovery claims on behalf of insurance companies and lodging claims for compensation on behalf of individual litigants.

Industrial and Employment Law

  • Representing employers in claims by their employees
  • Filing employment claims by employees
  • Negotiating out of court settlements in respect of employment claims
  • Negotiating recognition agreements between workers unions and employers.

Commercial and Business Law

  • Incorporation and registration of local and foreign companies and business names.
  • Preparation of all manner of commercial and corporate agreements including but not limited to tenancy leases, joint venture agreements, shareholders agreements.
  • Registration of NGO’s under the NGO Co-ordination Act.
  • Preparation of securities including debentures, mortgages and perusing security documents for companies borrowing money
  • Advise on corporate restructuring, preparation and registration of minutes, preparing and filing share holders resolutions, attending to changes in the memorandum and articles of association and other company secretarial services.
  • Obtaining work permits.
  • Conducting searches.
  • Advising on licensing and regulatory issues, drafting and negotiation of technical and specialist industry agreements.
  • Arrangement of employee financing for purchase of assets.

Conveyance and Property Law

  • We advise clients on all matters relating to land and property transactions including the buyers, sellers, real estate developers, financiers, borrowers to protect their best interest in the transaction
  • Conduct due diligence on behalf of clients with respect to land and property transactions to ensure that clients get good titles satisfaction on the transactions
  • Preparation of all documentation required to complete all manner of land and property transactions including sale agreements, leases, transfers, charges, discharges, caveats, cautions, tenancy leases, power of attorneys, trusts, and consents among others.
  • Incorporate estate management companies and complete the transfer of reversionary interest to the managers as may be the case
  • Complete change of user and change of tenure and extension of lease
  • Prosecuting and defending claims in respect of title to and ownership of land.

Criminal Law

Defending accused persons in criminal and traffic cases and watching brief in criminal matters on behalf of complainants and interested parties.

Electoral law

Electoral petitions

Immigration Law

Work permits, citizenship etc

International Criminal Law

List of counsel for ICC (International Criminal Court)