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Range of Legal services

Our firm offers a wide range of legal services as summarized below. The description of each service category is indicative of the type of work we do and is not by any means exhaustive. The legal areas in which we have significant depth of expertise include:

Conveyance & Property Matters

Routine property matters with an emphasis on transactions and advice work but including dispute resolution as necessary. Matters including but not limited to Conveyancing (vendor and purchaser), Preparation and review of documents for leasing and licensing, charge and mortgage preparation, general advice regarding developments, building and construction, related issues, Residential & Commercial tenancy Issues and all other legal documents relating to land.

Commercial Law

Emphasis on transactions and advice work including registration and protection of intellectual property rights, incorporation of businesses, trade-marks and copy rights, commercial contract negotiations and preparation. The firm also has a thorough understanding of Mergers & Acquisitions Law.

Civil & Commercial Litigation

Litigation at all levels of the Court System and covering a diverse range of areas including commercial disputes, tax law, bank litigation, realization of securities, insurance claims, road accidents claims, building & construction claims, defamation and various other forms of civil claims.

Review & Drafting of Legislative and Regulatory Instruments

General advice, drafting and interpretation of statutes and other legislative or regulatory instruments. The firm also offers advice on interpretation of judgments and rulings especially those that involve the public interest.

Commercial Dispute Resolution

We aim to minimize the disruption that a dispute causes while achieving the best possible commercial outcome. We also recognize that litigation can be enormously expensive and look for solutions that will produce the optimum result at a reasonable cost. We largely specialize in contractual and corporate disputes.

Pensions Law

We offer advice on matters relating to pensions, for example drafting, review and interpretation of both state and individual organization’s pension rules, trust agreements, investment policies and compliance with the Retirements Benefits Act No. 3/1997. We also offer tribunal/court representation at all levels on matters relating to the same.

Information and Communication Technology Law

This is an emerging discipline of law for which we are keen on the development of regulations and policies to correspond with the fast evolving technology. Our firm offers advice on the interpretation of existing laws, including international policies on ICT related matters for example; Intellectual Property, e-commerce and regulation of internet content. We also offer litigation on the same at all court levels.

Legal Audits and Compliance With New Laws; A Niche Service

The new constitution has brought with it a lot of new changes to the law. From new laws that govern land and other natural resources to rules to be adhered to when making an appointment to a public office and more. For this reason, the need for a legal audit for businesses and companies in Kenya has never been greater.

Constitutional Law

We have a thorough understanding of constitutional law matters and mainly offer legal advisory services and assistance with non-litigated and litigated claims on the same.

Debt Recovery

Representation and action as determined for recovery of monies payable to corporate and individual clients.

Energy industry Law / Litigation

This is one of the firm’s emerging areas of practice. As can be appreciated, the newly enacted Energy Act and regulations therein have in many ways changed the market structure of the energy industry and legal disputes are becoming more important and frequent. Furthermore, oil, gas and petrochemical industries reach into every corner of the world and into challenging markets and practice areas.

Employment & Industrial relations

Advice on matters arising out of the employer/employee relations including contracts of employment including interpretation, advice and representation regarding preparation of written contracts, dealing with disputes, matters relating to terminations, unfair dismissal and contractual disputes. We also offer representation with regard to disciplinary actions as well as advice relating to claims against employees.


Interpretation, advice and representation (if requested) in relation to litigated and non-litigated claims. Representation in courts (as required). General advice and interpretation regarding policy wording, policy limitation, exclusions, subrogation and denial and client obligations inrespect of relevant legislation. General advice on public Liability, Personal injury (excluding workers compensation) Property damage & Property loss, Professional Indemnity, Workers. Compensation claims including advice and assistance with non-litigated and litigated claims, as required.

Public Procurement Law

Interpretation, advice and representation in matters relating to the conditions, the manner and the procedure for procurement of goods, services, and works where the procuring entity is a state organ, organization, institution or some other legal person ascertained by the Law to deal professionally with tasks pertaining to public procurement.